Fancy an


Fresh, fruity
and wholesome

We painstakingly blend our brut sparkling wine with the juice and pulp of top-quality fruit.

Since 1947

It all began…

…When young Luciano Canella was asked by his mom Giovanna, who owned a small country inn at San Donà di Piave, to supply the wine she would serve her customers. Luciano got some empty bottles from a local producer for free, then proceeded to make his own sparkling wines, following the most craftsmanlike methods.

Canella Aperitifs

Our aperitifs, blending brut sparkling wine and top-quality Italian fruit, are light in alcohol and calories, delicate and refreshing on the palate.

Fancy some
Prosecco sparkle?

Light, elegant
and refreshing

Fruity bouquet, lively and well balanced on the palate, with a crisp, pleasing finish


The world-famous Venetian aperitif

Canella Sparkling Wines

Refreshing and versatile, light in alcohol. Ideal as aperitifs, though also great as all-around food wines to match any fare.